10 Major Social Media Marketing Tips that you need to know about

A little over 75% of the U.S. population is on social media.  While that sounds amazing, there are still businesses that have no social media presence at all.  We put together 10 Major Social Media Marketing Tips that you need to know about.  When used right and with the proper strategies, social media can have huge benefits for your company.

Use these tips to help develop the best social media marketing strategies for your business.

1.  Be Picky When Choosing Your Social Media Platforms

Don’t try to be on every social media platform.  Decide which platforms will serve your audience best and stick to those. Think about it; your audience isn’t on all platforms, at least not all the time.  Once you’ve determined where you want to make the most impact, then go for it with gusto!  Get involved, pitch in and add your thoughts and expert opinion to the conversation.

If you want to get attention fast, then the best way to do that is to reach out and help other people.  How?  Well, you’ll discover that if you focus your energy on the group or community first and put your self-interests and self-desires second; it will happen before you know it!

2. Make Your Content All About Your Audience

It’s so easy to use the word “I” and “my” in your attempt to connect with an audience on social media platforms.  That strategy will actually have the opposite effect.  Instead of making positive connections; it will repulse your audience and drive them away from you instead of draw you closer.  Focus totally on the person consuming your content.

If your posts aren’t getting any play and seem stagnant, then it’s time to rethink how you are going about it.  Always consider who, what, why and how your audience is receiving your content.  Always make changes if needed to make your content better to increase their level of experience… not feed your ego.

3. Stay Focused, Stay Consistent & Always Stay Visual

When you are consistent, it shows your audience that you are “really there” and in the long run, it builds recognition for your brand.  Have you ever heard anyone say, “I can show you better than I can tell you.”  That’s how you have to feel when you are relating to your audience.  It’s a much better way to communicate and it lets people know that you are real and can be trusted.  Consistency shows your audience that you’re active, and builds brand recognition over time. Use visual elements, such as images, photos, videos, and lives as much as possible.

4. Tell Stories as a Big Part of Your Strategy

No one likes a brand that is stale and impersonal.  That type of content is so easy to see through, people can tell when you are just spamming them to get comments and likes.  Stop throwing links and CTA’s (call to action’s) in all of your posts.  When you tell a story, you don’t need links or CTA’s; your story is meant to create engagement and to evoke emotion.  When your audience feels connected to you then you’ve gotten the absolute best ending.

5. Plan & Schedule then Rinse and Repeat

Sit down and plan out at least two weeks to a month of high-quality social media content.  Of course, it needs to be content that your audience is interested in and looking for. You can even schedule posts ahead using a scheduling app such as Hootsuite, SproutSocial, etc.  It’s always good to get the data to determine when your audience is the most active.  When your content is planned you will find that you have time to check out new trends and make changes to content because you are not working ‘ in the moment’ and trying to play catchup.

6. Whoa, Stay Professional at All Times

Make sure that you never immediately send anyone who follows your page/profile a direct message (DM) pitching your products or services or products to them. It’s actually one of the fastest ways to turn off your new connection.  Make sure to always reply to both positive and negative reviews and comments and keep your reply professional. This is a great opportunity for you to show that you really care about your audience and want to build good relationships.

7. Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche

First, figure out what you are best at and what you enjoy doing.  Then, look at your social media history and know what your prospect wants.  Now, you can concentrate on what you’ve discovered.  Give your audience what they want and what they need.  Use social media to show that you are part of your community, are a real person, and that your knowledge can help your prospects’ lives.  This builds trust and eventually leads to sales.

We did a great video series on positioning yourself as an expert in your nice! If you are unsure about how to do this then you’ll totally appreciate this post! Check it out here

8. Develop a Truly Irresistible Offer

Stop the presses right now if you have not yet created an offer that is so crazy good that people feel they can’t go on without it.  Do this before you do anything else!  You want your audience to grab your offer because it’s valuable and can help them in some way.  Always remember that if you have a solution to their problem(s), they will want it.  If you own a barbershop, have a buy one hair cut, get one free offer. If you are an exercise trainer, offer two free group classes and upsell your private training sessions. Dive a little deeper on this topic by understanding your YOUR UNIQUE VALUE POINT (UVP).

The point here is to be creative and create an offer that can’t be refused and could attract and convert cold people into sales and customers.

9. Engage with Your Audience on a Regular Basis

Using social media in your business is awesome and it’s a very powerful tool, but you have to take the time to learn how to utilize it to its potential. Make sure you communicate and engage with your audience on a regular ongoing basis. Put aside time every day to like comments on your social media posts (for example, if you post a picture on Facebook or Instagram), reply to comments and messages, upload stories, and engage with your audience.  It just shows that you are interested in the interaction and care to engage in the conversation past your initial post.

10. Use Both Paid & Organic Social Media Marketing

Sometimes it’s good to “pay to play”.  The paid aspect is easy:  you purchase the opportunity for impressions on social media platforms. For example, Facebook and Instagram allow you to choose a “brand awareness” or “reach” campaign. The organic piece is usually a bit more work, but it is just as important and may even be more valuable.   It’s all about building organic relationships with your audience.

Here’s the deal:

It’s so simple to join the social media frenzy, but marketing your business and cultivating your brand online can also be overwhelming. Follow our list of 10 social media tips to build a following and get your brand in front of your audience in no time.

Did we catch everything or did we skip over your favorite social media marketing tips?  Share yours with us in the comments below.

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