COVID-19 Tips for staying safe

We hope you and your loved ones are doing well in this time of uncertainty. Our hearts and prayers are with you as we all continue to deal with COVID-19 and the global impact of this pandemic.  We are committed to being a light during the dark moments and a source of information and inspiration for our […]

How to Make New Friendships In Your Business

If you are a business owner the chances are high that you rely on introducing new people to your business daily. You’re probably filling your calendar with networking events, online content creation days, and opportunities to showcase your business. We are the first to say that sometimes these events (online and off) can get a little […]

8 Effective Habits for the Successful Entrepreneur

8 Effective Habits for the Successful Entrepreneur Every career has a set of habits that greatly increase the odds of success. The habits necessary for success will vary from career to career. Fortunately, there are many successful entrepreneurs that we can look to for guidance. It’s not surprising that many of them share the same […]

The benefits of buying local produce at your farmers market

Should I start shopping at the farmers market instead of my regular grocery store? The answer is, yeah start shopping with local vendors at your farmers market at least some of the time. We get it, the grocery store is convenient and they have some of your favorite items … but the farmers market has […]

4 Ways To Keep It Festive for the 4th of July

4 Ways To Keep It Festive for the 4th of July #1 – Excercise your independence and take advantage of the time away from your day job. Use today to get things rolling in your own business. Usually, you have to juggle the day job and the entrepreneurial endeavor, but today you don’t. Tackle some of […]