Email Marketing Call to Action Tips

Calls-to-action are essential to have in your toolkit.  They are simple and powerful.  These buttons are what separate the good emails from the great ones.
If you want to dive really deep and learn how to create amazing call-to-Actions that your subscribers will love and that will increase your conversions than you have to check out this detailed article; it’s perfect for you.
Here are 21 calls-to-action, broken down by category that you can use effectively in your email marketing campaigns.
CTA’s that prompt purchasing:
  • Shop now
  • Save today
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Start saving today
  • Yes, I want one
CTA’s for holidays and special occasions:
  • Yes!  I want my birthday deal
  • ‘Tis the season, donate now
  • Order now.  Get it before Christmas
  • Find holiday gifts for guys
CTA’s for video:
  • See her story
  • Watch now
  • Watch the amazing video
CTA’s for events:
  • Register now
  • Count me in
  • Save me a spot in the Marketing Course
  • Reserve your seat at the concert
  • Book now for early bird prices
CTA’s for content:
  • Keep reading
  • Download now
  • Read the full story
  • Learn more

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