How to Create an Image Online Using Canva – Brand Building Made Simple

Why does personal branding matter when you post images online?

Creating your personal brand is a must if you are a business owner in the direct sales or network marketing industry. It’s quite easy to create an image online using the free website Canva to jumpstart your visual brand and get noticed online.

You are probably here because you realize that it would be helpful to stand out online, but you need a little help with your social media graphics. No problem, we have you covered. Before we dive in, let’s talk about the 1 thing most new home based business entrepreneurs overlook.

Most people overlook the critical component of brand building when they are just getting started. It’s actually not their fault. Most companies tell you to just promote the company and tell everyone that you know to check out your company website. Honestly, that translates into spam, spam, spam! Guess what…spam is disgusting. Period.

What’s the alternative to spamming your friends and family?

The alternative to spamming people and groups with links to your “stuff” is to create curiosity and engagement around your business. It’s like seeing your ex post a  picture on facebook with a really attractive girl/guy. Automatically you’re thinking “wow…looks like he/she is having a great time. I wonder if that’s their new boo thing!”

You know what happens next….

You start digging around on their page and checking out their latest posts. Your curiosity drives your desire to know more. The same thing will happen once you start using delicious looking images online to create curiosity around you and your brand/business.

Let’s get right to it.

How to Create an Image Online Using Canva.

(This video will walk you through the simple 3 step process to adding text over a high quality image without using fancy or expensive programs).

Canva will give you the ability to add text over your images and choose from tons of social media design templates.



I mentioned a few of my favorite places to get hight quality FREE images for your brand content. Check out these sites for spectacular photos that will attract people…not repel them! (Do whatever you want with these photos. Have fun!)   (This is a boring free zone…the images here will make your brand stand out)  (Use this FREE site to create attention grabbing images online without photoshop or a design eye. Look no further for beautiful Facebook post design templates)


Hopefully you found value in this blog post on How to Create an Image Online Using Canva – Brand Building Made Simple. For more information on the importance of building a personal brand inside of your network marketing company, check out this recent post.


Don’t get distracted by your ex’s Facebook post…or anyone else’s for that matter. Focus on things that will make your better and better each day. Surround yourself with people who will increase your confidence and motivate you to be your best. You can do this!

If your feel better about creating images online that will build your brand and make you look super delicious online, please leave us a comment below!

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